Vermouth di Torino

Vermouth di Torino DOC

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Appellation: Vermouth di Torino DOC

Région: Piémont

Pays: Italie

Alcool: 16,0 %

Description du producteur: (Ce contenu peut être présenté en langue étrangère.) Vermouth is a fortified, spiced wine usually made with aromatic grape-varieties, invented in Turin in 1786 by Antonio Benedetto Carpano, an Italian inventor and distiller that created with we call today « aperativo ». Salvano Vermouth is obtained by carefully selected wines, herbs, flowers, and spices infused in alcohol: all ingredients must come from Langhe hills for traditon and unique flavours.

Notes: (Ce contenu peut être présenté en langue étrangère.) Light amber-colour and elegant nuance introduces to an immediate pleaseure the increase once at the nose; fragrance of hay and straw, fresh hints of herbs and flowers reminding sweet hills of Langhe region, withstand to an intense and spiced ending with notes of chestnut honey and caramel. On the epalate is gentle yet persistanct with bitter-sweet notes tghat aternates a long-lasting pleasure of one sip anfter another.

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