Le Faîte Rouge – Caisse de bois – 91 Pts Wine Enth.

Saint Mont AOC – Vin Sec

6 bouteilles par caisse – Caisse de bois

91 Points Wine Enthusiast

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46 $ la bouteille

Livraison Septembre ’21 – Seulement 3 caisses de 6 restantes


Appellation: Saint Mont AOC

Région: Sud-Ouest

Pays: France

Cépage(s): 80% Tannat – 10% Cabernet Sauvignon – 10% Pinenc

Alcool: 14,5 %

Description du producteur: (Ce contenu peut être présenté en langue étrangère.) Le
Faîte is the iconic wine of the Saint Mont Appellation and its blending is an unmissable annual event carried out by big names in the wine or gastronomy
industry It is produced in a limited edition and is the most beautiful illustration of the full expressive potential of the terroirs of Aignan Plaisance and Saint
Mont Le Faîte’s wooden label has been designed in tribute to the generations of winemakers who have gone before us and who kept their best
cuvees buried in clay identified with a wooden marker
Le Faîte is produced from a selection of parcels situated on the terroirs of Aignan 20 Plaisance 50 and Saint Mont 30 These 5 hectares in total,
with their clay limestone, variegated clay and fawn coloured sandy soils, represent the highest quality parcels of the appellation With vines old enough
to benefit from a regular water supply, the parcels have been selected for the coolness of their exposition which transmits all the strength and freshness of
the region’s microclimate to the grapes
Following malolactic fermentation, the wine is blended and matured in French oak 225 l barrels, a third of which are renewed every year 30 new
barrels) During the 12 months period of barrel maturation three rackings take place The wine finishes maturing in tank for a period of 4 months in order to
bring complete harmony to the cuvee

Notes: (Ce contenu peut être présenté en langue étrangère.) 

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