Terre di Valgrande

Making wine is more than a profession, it is an art, and like art, it requires essential elements: a culture and a tradition that express where we come from and that, at the same time, suggest where we want to go; and then a land, our roots, from which to draw inspiration. Terre di Valgrande is all this: a clever combination of a story carried on by its hundreds of growers, and a territory, the Valpolicella and Valpantena, rich in history and towards tomorrow.

The experience and the quality of Terre di Valgrande is linked to the passion for wine of the Zandonella Sarinuto family. Since 1958, the year in which the first cooperative association between winemakers in Verona was born, we have maintained the quality standards imposed by tradition yet are now looking to the new demands of the market.

From this union, a unique product was born, given by a high quality raw material cultivated in all areas with registered designations of origin in the Verona hills territory. Passion and productivity excellence guarantee to join productive members of a young and dynamic group, able to combine the highest level of centuries of winemaking tradition, skills and vision, a must to compete and stay ahead in the global market.

The consolidated experience and strong know-how of the wine world, not only are a guarantee of its production, but allows to the Terre di Valgrande winemakers to select the best wines from all over Italy, in order to bring in the glasses of its customers only the most prestigious wines.

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